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American Community Developers is fully supporting the Green initiative.  Working with organizations such as Green Communities, we can provide the following to residents of our communities:

  • Healthier Indoor Environments: Building practices and materials that minimize moisture, provide proper ventilation, prevent pest infestation and avoid chemical and biological contaminants protect parents and children against asthma, toxic poisoning, cancer, and many other conditions affected by housing construction.
  • Energy Savings: Green Communities homes will be at least 30 percent more energy efficient than conventional homes meeting code and will utilize Energy Star systems, appliances, and fixtures. This will save residents hundreds of dollars each year in utility bills.
  • Reduced Transportation Costs: Homes built near jobs, mass transit, and services will reduce transportation costs, conserving families' income often needed for essentials including food and health care.
  • Healthier Living: Built in walkable neighborhoods that facilitate a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical activity.
  • Enhanced Opportunities: Through improved walking access to mass transit, jobs, schools, and services, and through greater community interaction.

In addition, there are many benefits to the environment, as listed below:

  • Natural Resources Conservation: Through intelligent use of materials that are renewable, recycled/recyclable, and durable.
  • Water and Energy Conservation: Through water-saving fixtures, energy-conserving appliances and building techniques, and proximity to schools, employment, services, and public transportation.
  • Reduce On-Site Source Pollution: Through intelligent, environmentally sensitive site design and construction methods that reduce storm water runoff.
  • Reduced Air Pollution: Through reduced reliance on fossil fuels and automobile use, and use of non-polluting and regionally-produced building products.
  • Decreased Contribution to Climate Change: Through combined strategies that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses.
  • Reduced Waste: Through materials recycling and use of durable products.
  • Reduced Sprawl: Intelligent siting counteracts environmental damage particular to sprawl, including loss of land, and air and water pollution resulting from increased vehicle miles traveled.

Some of the technologies that help us attain these goals are:

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